Naverus Earns FAA RNP Approval


Naverus, a Seattle-based company developing required navigation performance flight procedures for air carriers and private operators, said this week it had obtained FAA authorization as an RNP procedure developer. According to the company, the new FAA authorization — the first company so recognized by the agency — recognizes its ability to provide all the products and services needed for implementation of an RNP program. The company will serve airlines, other aircraft operators and airports by designing RNP procedures, integration, quality assurance, flight validation and maintenance services. The authorization, combined with the FAA’s recent qualification of Naverus as RNP operations Approval Consultants, enables the company to offer “turn-key” services to its customers.

“While the FAA will continue providing these types of services, operators now have the option of using Naverus to accelerate their realization of the significant safety, efficiency and environmental benefits available from RNP,” explained Steve Fulton, Naverus co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. Naverus says RNP “combines the advanced capabilities of modern avionics and GPS to ensure that aircraft stay on narrow, preprogrammed paths.” As a result, RNP uses less airspace and optimizes air traffic. Flight paths tailored to reduce fuel burn save airlines and other operators millions of dollars and benefit the environment with lower emissions and noise. The privately held company was founded in 2003.