NBAA Offers Support Domestically and Abroad


Pats The U.S House On The Back …

On the domestic front, the NBAA commended the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for approving an amendment that is now part of HR 2144, the Aviation Security Technical Corrections and Improvements Act of 2003, designed to reopen Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National Airport (DCA) to non-commercial business aircraft operations, among others. The airport has been closed to these operations since September 11, 2001. The amendment was proposed by the NBAA and introduced by Congressman Jerry Moran (R-Kan.).The amendment mandates that within 30 days of enactment, the FAA Administrator, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Undersecretary for Border and Transportation Security and U.S. Secret Service Director will “develop procedures allowing non-commercial aircraft operations access to DCA when there is compliance with a DHS-approved security program.” The amendment to HR 2144 also would also provide the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) the authority to facilitate necessary background checks, including fingerprinting.

… And Voices Strong Support For IS-BAO

During its June meeting, the NBAA board of directors voiced its ongoing support of the IS-BAO, the International Business Aviation Council’s International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. According to the organization, “This is a code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve high levels of safety and professionalism.” ICAO’s president, Dr. Assad Kotaite, has also strongly regarded IS-BAO, which was introduced in 2002 and developed over a period of two years by International Business Aviation Council member organizations, including the NBAA. The IS-BAO audit program is the basis upon which flight departments qualify to receive an IS-BAO Certificate of Registration, which more than 130 NBAA Members currently are pursuing.