NBAA Releases Approach And Landing Training Aid


The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) yesterday released a training aid it says is designed to reduce approach-and-landing accidents (ALAR). The new, 90-minute interactive training aid is packaged on a CD-ROM and was produced for NBAA members in partnership with the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF). Dubbed the “NBAA ALAR Training Aid,” it customizes FSF’s Approach-and-Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR) Tool Kit materials for business aviation users with select publications and presentations, augmented by newly developed visual aids and a discussion leaders guide for the aviation industry. The NBAA ALAR Training Aid is available to all NBAA Operating Members as a membership premium.

The product will be automatically sent to new Operating Members as they join and to existing Operating Members after they renew membership. Additionally, the CD will be included in the course materials for those registered at select NBAA safety-training events. NBAA first distributed the ALAR Training Aid to registered attendees at the association’s 34th International Operators Conference, held March 26 through 29 in San Diego, Calif. “This new benefit for NBAA Members addresses these safety issues for the business aviation community. It is a continuation of NBAAs commitment to promote safety among our membership and the aviation community,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.