NBAA Welcomes FAA’s Santa Monica Jets Decision


The National Business Aviation Association is putting its support behind the FAA’s finding that Santa Monica cannot ban “certain types of business airplanes” from Santa Monica Airport. The city of Santa Monica in 2008 attempted to enact a ban on Category C and D aircraft and the business aviation groups have been fighting the city ever since. The FAA’s latest decision comes after at least two appeals sought by the city, which argued that the airport’s runway overrun areas are, by the FAA’s own guidelines, too small for larger aircraft. The city argued that flying larger aircraft into and out of the airport compromises safety both for operators and nearby residents. NBAA’s press release notes that “access to community airports is fundamental to the companies of all sizes that rely on business aviation to succeed.” Santa Monica has accepted federal funds for the airport and by the FAA’s reasoning, banning larger jets would violate grant assurances by discriminating against certain aircraft. The FAA’s most recent decision remains consistent with its earlier reasoning and NBAA sees it as a show of support.

“We are pleased the FAA has taken a strong stand on behalf of the business aviation community,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. Bolen highlighted the potential reach of the ruling, adding that it “ensures that Santa Monica and other places can continue to benefit from business aviation.”