NBAA 2001 Image Gallery # 2 (of 2)

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The static display at NBAA 2001 was noticeably smaller than previous years, but that still failed to dampen the enthusiasm of those that visited the display at Lakefront airport. Fewer airplanes meant that our roving eye had more time for some closer looks. So relax while we take you on a tour of these beauties.

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Although downsized, the static display still offers plenty to look at.


The Bombardier Special Edition


The Fairchild 328 Turboprop


Fairchild's 328Jet, executive commuter configuration


Cessna's Citation X


Cessna's Citation Excel


The TBM 700 with and without the pilot door option


Piper's Malibu Mirage (left and center) and Saratoga (right)


Adam Aircraft's CarbonAero


Explorer 500T


Piaggio Avanti


Embraer Legacy


And finally, The Boeing Business Jet

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