Earthrounder Promotes STEM Studies »

An Embry-Riddle student is planning a solo around-the-world flight next year to inspire women to take science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education paths, possibly with an eye toward aviation careers. More

Online Service Boosts Women's Flight Aspirations »

The Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide has launched an online service designed to help future female pilot prospects not only get excited about aviation, but to take action on their newfound passion. More

In-Flight Monitoring Offered By Bombardier »

Bombardier has introduced a flight tracking and monitoring system available across its product line. The Smart Link system allows real-time data, monitoring and in-flight reporting to keep tabs on systems and to allow updates to navigation materials and other ground-to-air communications. More

HondaJet Certification Imminent »

Honda Aircraft says it will have all the flying done for certification of its business jet this week. CEO Michimasa Fujino told a news conference at NBAA in Las Vegas that the final functionality and reliability flights will be done by the end of the week. More

Video: Elliott 400E »

Elliott Aviation introduced its version of a refurbished Beechjet/Hawker 400 at NBAA 2015. More

Video: Sandel's New Avilon Glass Panel »

Sandel surprised the NBAA show with a complete new glass panel system for the King Air. AVweb spent some time with Sandel's Gerry Block taking a tour of the new system. More

Big Bizjet Market Slows »

The same sort of market conditions that depressed the light and midsize business jet market for the past seven years is now slowing down the previously untouched large-cabin market. More

Flexjet Commits To Aerion Fleet »

Fractional operator Flexjet has become Aerion's first firm fleet customer, with an order for 20 supersonic jets, Flexjet announced Tuesday at the NBAA convention in Las Vegas. The Aerion AS2 business jet, which is expected to enter service in 2023, will save travelers up to three hours of flight time on trans-Atlantic trips compared to subsonic aircraft, Flexjet said, and will save more than six hours on trans-Pacific routes. The AS2 jet is designed to carry up to 12 passengers at speeds up to Mach 1.5. More

Airbus, Aerion Upbeat On Supersonic Jet Progress »

Airbus is ramping up its investment in the Aerion AS2 supersonic-jet program, the two companies announced at the NBAA convention in Las Vegas this week, and Aerion CEO Doug Nichols said he expects a first flight for the aircraft in 2021. "We are targeting the first half of 2016 to select a propulsion system, which will enable us to formally launch the program shortly thereafter," Nichols said. He added that he expects the airplane to achieve certification from FAA and EASA and enter service in 2023. More

Dassault Brings 8X, HUD To NBAA »

Dassault Aviation has brought its Falcon 8X, which was announced in May last year, to NBAA for the first time. The airplane on display in Las Vegas is the sixth one off the assembly line and will head to Dassault's completion facility in Arkansas after the show. The 8X, which is derived from the 7X, will offer the longest range and the longest cabin in the Falcon fleet. Three airplanes are now in the flight test program, and the company said they are two-thirds of the way to achieving FAA and EASA approval. Dassault also introduced a new proprietary combined-vision system with a head-up display, and provided an update on its delayed 5X program. More