NetJets Spends $1 Billion More On Cessnas


Cessna last week announced at the Paris Air Show that NetJets has ordered $1 billion worth of its aircraft in the form of 96 Citations (50 Encore+ aircraft, 9 Citation X and 37 XLS+ jets). NetJets currently has 304 Citation business jets under management here and in Europe. NetJets Chairman and CEO, Richard Santulli praised the range of options and reliability he says is provided to his customers through the Cessna Citation line. “The combination of exceptional cabin comfort and low operating cost has made the XLS our most popular aircraft. And the Citation X has a loyal following for those customers for whom speed is of utmost importance,” Santulli said. Cessna chairman, president and CEO, Jack Pelton, pointed to the company’s “vast support network” as something that “ensures the high level of service that NetJets has become known to provide.” Cessna delivered 307 Citation business jets in 2006 and that year reported a total order backlog of $8.5 billion.