New Air Cargo Rules From TSA


The Transportation Security Administration has imposed some new rules on air cargo, effective this week, in response to the recent attempt to ship explosive devices into the U.S. from Yemen. Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security, said no air cargo will be accepted from Yemen or Somalia. In addition, no high-risk cargo will be allowed on passenger aircraft.Toner and ink cartridges weighing more than one pound will be prohibited on passenger aircraft in both carry-on bags and checked bags on domestic flights and international flights inbound to the U.S.This ban will also apply to certain inbound international air cargo shipments as well. Further, all cargo identified as high-risk will go through additional and enhanced screening.These measures also impact inbound international mail packages, which must be screened individually and certified to have come from an established postal shipper.

“The threats of terrorism we face are serious and evolving,” said Napolitano. “These security measures reflect our commitment to using current intelligence to stay ahead of adversaries — working closely with our international, federal, state, local and private sector partners every step of the way. We encourage our partners, as well as our citizens, to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement authorities.” TSA Administrator John Pistole went to Yemen to meet with government security officials in an effort to enhance Yemen’s security procedures so the cargo ban can eventually be lifted.