New Design Offered For King Air Props


Raisbeck and Hartzell have debuted a new four-blade “swept” propeller for the King Air 200 line. The design’s 96-inch diameter is 3 inches greater than the B200 factory props, and 2 inches greater than Raisbeck’s previous offerings. The increased diameter boosts low-speed performance and shaves 1,150 feet off takeoff, the companies said. They also said the swept-back blade design provides better high-speed performance and less noise in the cockpit and cabin. A pair of the new props costs $83,400; deliveries start in March.

The prop is made with aluminum blades and hubs to keep both weight and cost to a minimum, the companies said. Overhaul times are set at 4,000 hours or six years. The companies said they worked together on the design for three years.