New For Young Eagles — Free First Lesson


More than 1.5 million youngsters around the world have enjoyed their first flight in a general aviation aircraft thanks to EAA’s Young Eagles program, and now they’ll have an opportunity to earn a free first flying lesson as well. EAA announced the new program on Monday. “With the addition of the First Flight Lesson, we continue to build on the enthusiasm shown by these Young Eagles and help them continue their journey toward a certificate,” said Jeff Skiles, Young Eagles co-chairman. To qualify for the lesson, a Young Eagle must be at least 14, complete Part 1 of Sporty’s online Pilot Training Course, which is available free to all Young Eagles, and submit a parental consent form. Once those criteria are met, EAA will issue a voucher that can be redeemed at a local flight school of the participant’s choice.

Free access to the Sporty’s online course was announced last year, and already more than 3,000 Young Eagles have enrolled and several have taken their flight test and earned a pilot certificate. “Through the EAA Flight Plan, we are working to eliminate barriers that may stand between a Young Eagle and the cockpit,” Skiles said.”The First Flight Lesson provides a Young Eagle with actual flight training experience and makes real the lessons they have been learning through the online training course.” More info about the lessons can be found here, and more info for flight schools who would like to participate in the program is posted here. EAA will reimburse each school $120 for each student.