New High Wing And Potential Air Taxi From Comp Air


Ever prolific Comp Air, manufacturer of multiple and often turbine-turning heavy-hauling kitbuilt aircraft, has announced its new model — the carbon composite high-wing Comp Air 9 — will fly to AirVenture this year. Company president and CEO Ron Lueck says he’ll be offering at AirVenture Oshkosh, this year, updates on the new aircraft and a certification progress report on the 1,650-hp, 310-knot, 8 plus 2 stand-up cabin, enclosed-lav, one-stop coast-to-coast flying Comp Air 12. (Take that, VLJs?) The new 9 hangs under a high cantilever wing and is pitched as by Comp Air as a “truly versatile aircraft” with three doors, easy maintenance and the “durability of fixed gear” that drops operating costs dramatically. The aircraft, launched by a Honeywell TPE331 turbine engine offering 1,000 hp at sea level, gets off the ground in 750 feet at gross and then slings along with a 250 KTAS cruise. That, plus room for six and the ability to haul 3,400 pounds of useful load up to 2,200 nm, is managed in part by a four-blade constant-speed reversible prop. The plan is to offer the 9 as a kit and then seek certification.

Comp Air has in the past told AVweb that much of its success comes from selling aircraft overseas. If certification efforts prove successful, the company’s aircraft may see broader appeal in American air taxi markets.