New Product: How To Improve Your Radio Work


A new online course from a new AVweb sponsor promises to be “the greatest radio communication course you’ve ever taken” or its creator says he will give you your money back, plus $25. The online training program, Sound Like An Airline Pilot, was developed by Cody Bias, a young CFI and T-38 instructor pilot with the Air Force. Bias believes that efficient, concise and correct radio communication technique creates the foundation for effective information management and positive control in the modern cockpit.His course is based on developing fundamental understanding, not memorization, and his program targets a wide range of pilots. And his unique marketing approach puts him at the mercy of his clients’ integrity and his own ability to deliver.

Bias is aware that his program exists among others. In his own words: “I believe, in order to be successful, I must deliver above and beyond the expectations of my customers. If I have failed to do that I will appreciate you telling me so. That way, I can modify the course and make it even better and continue to outperform my competition.”

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