New Technology To Debut At Bird-Strike Conference


People who worry about bird strikes in aviation, from airport operators to air traffic controllers to researchers and safety experts, gather every year for a Bird Strike North America Conference — but this year’s event, which takes place Sept. 14-17 in Victoria, British Columbia, is expected to draw more attention than usual. The dramatic Hudson River ditching early this year brought widespread attention to the issue of bird strikes, and some new technologies are expected to debut at the event. Accipiter Radar will introduce a 360-degree 3-D avian radar technology. Other vendors will display various kinds of radars for detecting birds as well as methods for dispersing them, such as colored laser beams, specially trained dogs, radio-controlled cannons, and garlic oil sprayed on grass to make it unpalatable for geese.

The FAA is currently assessing avian radars installed by Accipiter at several airports, including Chicago O’Hare and JFK International in New York. For more information about next week’s conference, click here.