New WACO Walks On Water


WACO Aircraft announced the debut of the amphibious version of their radial engine biplane yesterday—the YMF-5F. The company says the “F” designation is for both “float and fun,” not to suggest that the tailwheel gear version isn’t fun. Powered by a 300-HP Jacobs R-755 radial engine, the YMF-5F will have a standard useful load around 725 pounds and a 94-knot cruise at 14 gallons per hour.

The $600,000 open-cockpit three-seater is being marketed with VFR equipment, but WACO does make an IFR version of the tailwheel airplane, leaving open the possibility of IFR equipage. While the same airframe is approved for basic aerobatics up to +5.1G and -2.1G, WACO told AVweb they don’t intend to certify the amphibious version for aerobatics, though a landing gear conversion kit is available for $28,600 for buyers willing to pay for the flexibility.