SpaceShipOne Launch in Mojave:
Gallery Two (Launch Day)

Previously, AVweb brought you a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the SpaceShipOne launch preparations. Today we're back with photos from the actual launch, the flight, and the celebrations afterward. More

SpaceShipOne Launch in Mojave:
Gallery One (Pre-Launch)

AVweb was on-site in the burning-hot Mojave Desert to watch the historic launch of SpaceShipOne. Have a look around the launch site with these photos taken during Sunday's preparations, then check out our launch day gallery . More

FAA Awards ODAR Status to Adam Aircraft »

The FAA recently granted ODAR status to Adam Aircraft the Denver-based aircraft manufacturer and builder of the cabin class, centerline thrust, twin-engine A500 aircraft. More

Fractional Buy-Ins »

If a new airplane is a must, small-aircraft fractional ownership systems, like those from OurPLANE and AirShares, deserve a look. Depending on your flying habits, it could be cheaper in the long run. But as the editors of Aviation Consumer recently explained, put a sharp pencil on the numbers. More

Smokin' Cousin:  The Cirrus SR22 »

Seems like everybody wants to strap a larger engine onto a successful aircraft design and call it "improved." But when Cirrus Design was ready to develop a step-up model after its very successful SR20, they knew they wanted to do more than just add some horsepower. AVweb's Dave Higdon shows that, while you might mistake the SR22 for its predecessor on first sight, wait until you climb in! More

Malibu Meridian: Piper's Perfection? »

New Piper's current flagship product, the Malibu Meridian, is much more than simply bolting a PT-6 on the front of a Mirage. Instead, as AVweb's Dave Higdon writes, from the cabin to the panel to the spinner, New Piper's turboprop single is top of the line. Just be sure to balance what's in the tanks against what's in the cabin. More

Lancair's Columbia 400: Looking for Higher »

Even as Lancair is cranking out one of its Columbia 300 speedsters each week, the company is not pinning all its hopes on that one model. Now that the turbocharged Columbia 400 is working its way through the FAA certification process, Lancair is seemingly firing on all cylinders and the company hopes to add the 400 to its stable of certified airplanes by the end of 2001. As AVweb's Dave Higdon writes in this AVweb Pilot Report, Lancair's newest has a lot to offer and comes close to being the perfect personal airplane. More

Plastic Planes, Part Four: That's a Wrap »

AVweb's Dave Higdon recently managed to put three all-new composite, four-seat, IFR singles through their paces all in the same week. In this last of a four-part series, he compares the Diamond DA40 Star, the Cirrus SR-20 and the Lancair Columbia 300. Is there a "best of the bunch"? How do they compare to each other? Is an airplane made from composites better or worse than one made from aluminum? Have composite airplanes "arrived"? Don't miss the answers to these questions, and more. More