Attacked by a Yak — One Woman's Tale of Survival »

Once one masters the art of using a light airplane for mostly straight-and-level personal transportation, the idea of banking and yanking slowly develops. The problem then becomes whether to yank and bank in the traveling machine or to find another airplane more suited to that new idea. That same dilemma was recently confronted by AVweb's Liz Swaine and her husband Steve Culp. Their solution? Buy a Yak-52 recently imported from the former Soviet Union. While the Yak definitely is suited to yanking and banking, it's not for the faint of heart. Here's one woman's tale of coming to peace with her newfound friend. More

Cessna 206H: Muscles on Butterfly Wings »

Float like a butterfly, haul like a B-17? No, that's that not the motto Cessna has adopted for the rebirth of its heavy-hauler Stationair and Turbo Stationair, but it might as well be. AVweb's Dave Higdon spent some quality time with both the turbo and non-turbo versions of the biggest piston-powered single in Cessna's stable. Read all about it in this AVweb Pilot Report. More

'Coupe de Thrill: Aviat Resurrects Monocoupe's Racy 110 Special as a 1950s-Style Hot Rod with Speed and Spunk »

Come with us now, back to those glorious days of yesteryear, as Aviat resurrects a classic 1932 race design, the Monocoupe 110 Special, and upgrades it for the next millennium. The result is a fully aerobatic hot rod for the sky, complete with a pair of fuzzy dice dangling from the overhead. But, as AVweb's Dave Higdon writes in this pilot report, the dice don't always hang straight down. More

NASA's Vomit Comet: Hitchin' a Ride on a Buckin' KC-135 »

Some AVweb staffers get all the cushy assignments. And then there's the "Vomit Comet," the unfortunate nickname bestowed upon the KC-135A used by NASA to conduct zero-gravity testing and experiments. As if we don't give him enough to do, News Editor Peter Yost wangled a ride on this bucking bronco, risking life, limb and lunch to report on one of the wildest rides around. Take it from us this is NOT your father's 707! More

Mad About Mooneys »

Mooney pilots are a special breed who else would fly an airplane with its tail on backward? To prove it, AVweb's Publisher Carl Marbach and News Writer Liz Swaine made the pilgrimage to Kerrville, Texas, for last year's Mooney Homecoming. In addition to hobnobbing with the Mooney faithful, they flew the factory's two newest offerings: the low-end Eagle and its top-of-the-line sibling, the Ovation. Carl also had the unique opportunity to fly a fully aerobatic, two-place, stick-controlled, 300-hp Mooney muscle machine prototype, aptly dubbed "Predator," which Mooney would love to put in production if it can book 100 firm orders for the beast. More

FADEC Fantasies »

Why are our piston aircraft still flying around with 40-year-old tractor mags and a fistful of engine controls, instead of modern digital single-lever systems? A decade ago, Mooney tried to change this with the Porche-powered PFM, but sold only 41 of the airplanes. Three years ago, Unison introduced the Slick LASAR, but it too went over like a lead balloon. Now, both TCM and Lycoming are readying their own digital engine control systems slated to appear in a year or two. Here's an update on TCM's Aerosance and Lycoming/Unison's EPiC from the staff of Aviation Consumer . More

Announced at NBAA 1998: Cessna's 21st Century Jets »

At NBAA 1998 in Las Vegas, the world's most prolific manufacturer of business jets laid out its strategy for remaining the dominant player well into the next century. In the largest new product announcement in the company's history, Cessna unveiled two all-new Citation models the entry-level CJ2 and the mid-size Sovereign plus major facelifts for two existing models the CitationJet gets a glass cockpit to become the CJ1, and the 560/V/Ultra is succeeded by a re-engined Citation Ultra Encore. Cessna's Citation menu thus grows to a mind-bending eight models, ranging from the world's fastest-selling bizjet (the $3.5 million Mach .67 CJ1) to the world's fastest-moving one (the $17 million Mach .92 Citation X). AVweb's Mike Busch offers specs, prices, pictures and first impressions. More