Nextant Cracks European Market


Nextant Aerospace has delivered its first 400XT to a European buyer, a private owner in the Czech Republic. The aircraft will be managed by Time Air, a major Czech charter and management company. “The 400XT is particularly well-suited to the European market, since its 2,003-nautical mile (3,709-km) range enables travelers to reach destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa with nonstop flights,” said Nextant spokesman Jay Heublein. That pushes the total deliveries of the “remanufactured” version of the Hawker 400 series bizjet. The European delivery comes a few weeks after a 10-aircraft order was placed by Asia Pacific Jets in Singapore.

The company has 80 orders for the aircraft and will be boosting production to 36 a year in 2013 to meet demand. Nextant takes the legacy Hawker and replaces or zero-times every time-constrained piece of equipment on the aircraft. Replacing the original engines with new Williams FJ44-3AP engines gives it a major boost in performance and efficiency. The new panel is Collins Pro Line 21. The aircraft was introduced at last year’s NBAA convention in Las Vegas, where AVweb shot this video.