No Kickstart For Synergy


The team working to build a prototype of the Synergy aircraft design announced recently they would seek support via the crowd-funding source Kickstarter, but this week, designer John McGinnis said that effort has stalled. “For reasons that do not make any sense to us, Kickstarter has declined our project,” his team posted on Facebook this week. Kickstarter allowed them to appeal the decision, but responded that the project “is not the best fit for Kickstarter, as it does not fit our creative arts focus.” The attempt to raise funds via Kickstarter, “like the [Synergy] technology itself, may not fit comfortably into some peoples’ pre-labeled boxes of status quo thinking,” McGinnis told AVweb in an email on Tuesday. However, he added, “Above all, this is not going to go away.”

“We know where we are, and we know what to do,” McGinnis wrote. “Anyone could turn this into a business at this stage, but my job is to turn it into something astonishing.” He will continue to seek backers who will help to fund the project, he said. The five-place all-composite Synergy design features an unusual double-box tail. The team, based in Montana, has experimented with a 25-percent flying model and is currently building a full-scale technology demonstrator, with the aim of creating a product for the homebuilt market. McGinnis recently spoke with AVweb’s Glenn Pew about the Synergy design; click here for that podcast.