No More Quiet Time At The FBO?


It used to be an FBO lounge was a calm shelter from the outside world. Few people even knew the FBO existed — over there on the other side of the airport — and even fewer had a reason to go there. Pilots and passengers could go to an FBO and actually count on some peace and quiet, and on not being bombarded by commercial messages, competing for their attention and dollars. Alas, those days may be gone. Enter SeeSaw Networks — no, we’re not making this up — and its newly acquired affiliate JetSet Media, which specializes in reaching the “ultra wealthy, placing digital screens inside private aviation terminals that provide service to celebrities, athletes, corporate executives, private business-owners and wealthy individuals,” according to a company press release. SeeSaw bills itself as “the leading out-of-home digital media company,” focusing on what it calls digital signage: the colorful, scrolling text and images you’ll find at places like sports bars, bookstores, grocery stores and, yes, U.S. border crossings, according to the company’s Web site. And now FBOs, too.

According to SeeSaw, JetSet “presents eye-catching digital media in 57 exclusive and luxurious private hangars throughout the U.S. and across 10,000 domestic and international flights daily, reaching 1.5 million viewers monthly.” The value to advertisers? “JetSet reaches people with a net worth of $10 million or more, who have an investment portfolio of $6 million, spend more than $75,000 annually on luxury goods, and own an average of 2.5 homes, making JetSet ideally suited for advertisers such as financial-services providers, real-estate companies and luxury-goods manufacturers, as well as business-to-business advertisers.” We’re definitely hanging out at the wrong FBOs.