North Las Vegas Experimental Ban On Hold


“Please stand down for now,” EAA says, regarding its call to action on a Nevada proposal that would have allowed local authorities to control who uses the airspace at their local airports. Amid “vocal protest” from the state’s aviation community, EAA says, the two Nevada state legislators who submitted the resolution aimed at banning homebuilt experimental aircraft from North Las Vegas Airport have agreed to suspend their legislative effort and instead work with local general aviation groups to improve airport safety. “We’re hopeful that the local collaborative effort will yield a better understanding of the safety issues at North Las Vegas Airport,” said Earl Lawrence, EAA vice president of regulatory affairs. “We’re looking for real solutions that neither jeopardize our federal airspace-management standards nor scapegoat any particular category or class of general-aviation operations.” Last week, EAA had asked its members and other aviators to participate in a letter-writing campaign to oppose the resolution, sponsored by state representatives Steven Horsford and Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

The ban was proposed after a homebuilt Velocity crashed near North Las Vegas Airport last August. The airplane struck a house, killing the pilot and two people on the ground.