Now Online: Final Colgan Air Report, Caribbean Update, Sun ‘n Fun Notam


Several new items of interest to pilots are now available on the Internet. The NTSB has posted its complete probable-cause report (pdf) on last year’s fatal Colgan Air crash. The 285-page document details the board’s findings and analysis, as well as the conclusions and recommendations that were announced at a hearing a few weeks ago. A transcript of the cockpit voice recorder is included in the appendix. For pilots who fly into the Caribbean, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has posted an update of its policy regarding screening of passengers (PDF). And the FAA has issued a Notam (PDF) detailing a number of special procedures in place April 11 to 18 in the central Florida region during the Sun ‘n Fun fly-in.

Also, a letter to airmen (PDF) from the Tampa control tower notes several special procedures that pilots can expect to be in use at the Lakeland airport during the show. Pilots who fly across the U.S. border also should note that Customs told AOPA this week that it will soon be sending warning notices to pilots whose paperwork isn’t fully compliant with the latest rules. The agency has been easygoing so far about enforcing its rules, but AOPA said that appears to be changing. Failure to properly file passenger manifests can incur penalties of $5,000 for the first violation and $10,000 for each subsequent violation.