NTSB, AOPA Disagree With FAA Cylinder AD


The FAA last month proposed a revision to its Airworthiness Directive regarding ECi cylinders, but the NTSB and AOPA have objected to several of the proposal’s key components. In comments posted to the docket (PDF), the safety board says the proposal affects “many more cylinder assemblies” than it should, and also removes repetitive inspection requirements that the NTSB had requested in its initial recommendations. The NTSB also disagrees with the FAA’s proposal to require the removal of cylinders for inspection prior to the engine manufacturer’s recommended TBO. AOPA also said (PDF) it continues its opposition to the AD, and urged the FAA “to take action which is more limited in scope and is in closer alignment with NTSB recommendations.”

AOPA said the “continued call for early retirement of ECi cylinders prior to their reaching time between overhaul (TBO) is unjustified by FAA documentation and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) review and recommendations.” The FAA’s comment period closed on Monday. The initial proposal drew about 600 comments; the revision, which was posted in January, drew about 41 comments, nearly all of them expressing disagreement with the proposed AD, in whole or in part. The revised AD would affect about 5,000 aircraft at a total cost of about $28.7 million, according to the FAA’s estimate.