NTSB Cites Loss Of Control As GA Hazard


The NTSB released its annual Most Wanted List for safety improvements on Tuesday morning, and for general aviation the number-one issue is loss-of-control accidents. “The Most Wanted List is our roadmap for 2015,” said NTSB acting chairman Christopher Hart. “This list is grounded in the accident investigations by which NTSB learns safety lessons, and in the recommendations that are NTSB’s primary safety product. At the NTSB we want to make new strides in transportation safety in 2015, and we want to lay the groundwork for years that are even safer.”

Loss of control is not new as a GA issue. A General Aviation Joint Steering Committee conducted a detailed analysisin 2013that found for the period 2001-2010, loss of control caused 40 percent of fatal GA accidents. The FAA and the industry subsequently have worked to address the problem with more training programs and by encouraging the use of angle-of-attack indicators. Also on the NTSB list this year is the safety of search-and-rescue and law-enforcement missions flown by helicopters operated by local, state and federal governments. Last year, the board cited identification and communication of hazardous weather as its most-wanted safety improvement for general aviation. “These are safety improvements for which the time is ripe for action,” said Hart. “We want [the list] to be a roadmap for policy makers and legislators as well.”