NTSB Releases First GA Safety Video


The NTSB Thursday released the first in a series of videos highlighting circumstances and decision-making that have led to GA accidents with fatal outcomes and seeks to identify and reduce risks for GA pilots. Four more videos will follow. The videos, dubbed Video Safety Alerts, by the NTSB all run less than 5 minutes in duration. Each is based on one of five safety bulletins issued by the NTSB in March and each video features an investigator discussing specific aspects of general aviation safety that have been associated with a high volume of GA accidents. The videos are intended to provide strategies and resources to help pilots better identify risks and improve safety within the GA community. The first video “Is Your Aircraft Talking to You? Listen!” is available on YouTube and also here.

The NTSB’s first Video Safety Alert features NTSB investigator Catherine Gagne and focuses on maintenance issues as they may affect pilots, mechanics and safety of flight. Later videos will cover topics like risk management and decision-making, flight in reduced-visibility, and low-altitude stalls. The remaining four videos will be released this month, announced on Twitter and placed on the NTSB’s YouTube channel. Find the NTSB’s written safety alerts, here. The NTSB investigates about 1,500 GA accidents that it deems “preventable” each year. And each year those accidents kill more than 450 people, on average. The NTSB says most accidents involve a similar set of circumstances that lead to fatal outcomes and this video series seeks to address and alter those conditions.