NTSB’s Most Wanted Safety Improvements


Aircraft icing, runway incursions and fatigue are among the “Most Wanted” aviation safety improvements for 2007 cited by the NTSB at a hearing Wednesday on Capitol Hill. NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker told the House Subcommittee on Aviation that items on the list tend to be those that are among the most complex and difficult to implement. However, he said, “While the FAA has made some progress, I am disappointed that there are so many recommendations on this list that are in an unacceptable status.” The FAA’s icing certification for aircraft is inadequate, the Board said, and the agency should conduct further research and revise its standards. Progress is being made to improve runway safety, but the FAA is moving much too slowly, according to the NTSB. The Safety Board also cited work rules and schedules imposed by airlines, charter operators and others that require pilots, air traffic controllers and mechanics to work without adequate time off to rest. Also on the “Most Wanted” list are improvements in audio and data recorders, fuel-tank flammability in transport-category aircraft and Part 135 crew resource management. The Board has issued the “Most Wanted” list since 1990 to focus attention on issues it believes would have the greatest impact on safety.