NY Class B Requires GA Reservations


At JFK, Newark and LaGuardia, general aviation pilots should as of December 9, 2008, eAt JFK, Newark and LaGuardia, general aviation pilots should as of December 9, 2008, expect to be required to reserve a slot if they plan to come or go during certain parts of the day — that’s much like similar requirements at National and O’Hare, but with at least one new twist. First, the reservation requirement for the New York/New Jersey airports spreads the requirement to both arriving and departing IFR and VFR traffic. (Slot reservations at National and O’Hare are required for IFR flights, only.) Second, when AVweb filed this report on December 12, reservation requirements at both Newark and JFK were listed online by the FAA as “suspended until further advised,” … but that is likely a reflection of a separate slot auction proposal that has been put on hold by a court of appeals. That proposal, according to AOPA, would not affect general aviation operations. AOPA’s written objections to the new rules have resulted in assurances that the FAA will work with pilots, to the extent that’s possible, to accommodate their operations. Failing that, pilots who need a waiver can direct their concerns by phone to the Air Traffic Control System Command Center’s airport reservation office, at 703-904-4452. Operators determined to work within the system can try to take advantage of electronic reservations. For the ones currently in effect, there are parameters.

Most reservations may be obtained up to 72 hours in advance and will be available hourly, rather than half-hourly. There is no guarantee that the FAA will accept more than one or two reservations per hour, but ATC may decide special circumstances justify an additional flight. Click through for the complete details regarding the new final rule for EWR and JFK (PDF) and the new final rule for LGA (PDF).