Obama Team On ADIZ Regulations


AOPA has suggested that the Obama administration’s hold on new and pending regulations “could affect implementation” of the rule that would otherwise make permanent the Washington, D.C., ADIZ. The rule has not been specifically extracted by the new administration from the collection of regulations not yet published, but as a part of them it will be reviewed by the new administration. AOPA has pledged to apply the full measure of its influence to the process in an effort to stop the ADIZ from becoming a permanent fixture in America’s airspace. At this time, it appears that before any changes are considered, the administration would first have to determine that the ADIZ should be subject to review. In that case, it would ask the FAA to reopen the comment period. Otherwise, the Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone would become a permanent special flight rules area, beginning Feb. 17, 2009.

AOPA’s pledge to combat creation of permanent restrictions for general aviation pilots flying aircraft over government buildings is just one of many battles on the organization’s roster. AOPA is also determined to represent the interests of pilots and operators who may be adversely affected by the TSA’s Large Aircraft Security Program, though that program is not covered by the Obama administration’s freeze on regulations not yet published.