O’Hare Evacuation Citizen Journalist Video

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Some passengers were evacuated from a United Airlines A320 parked at the gate at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Saturday morning and a “citizen journalist” got cell phone video of it (at right). Although passengers had already started deplaning through the bridge, a fire warning light in the cargo hold prompted the crew to open the emergency exit and pop the slide, providing some drama for pax waiting inside the terminal. A little girl can be heard on the video saying “Mommy can I do that slide?” It wasn’t as whimsical inside, according to passenger Doug Reed, who spoke to the Chicago Tribune. “It was panic. The buzzers went off and the flights attendants started saying, ‘Hurry. Run. Get off,'” he said.

About 40 of the 144 passengers aboard the plane got the little girl’s wish. There was no evidence of a fire in the hold and the airline is now trying to figure out what triggered the sensor.