One Man’s Dream: 60 Airplanes At 60


Celebrating a 37-year career in aviation and his 60th birthday, Tim Carter has set himself a goal of flying 60 aircraft in the year starting immediately after his Nov. 1, 2008, 60th birthday. He’s got about four months left and, according to his Web site, he’s flown 29 aircraft. Carter’s career has taken him through the United States Air Force and Delta Air Lines before he moved to his current job at a fractional jet company. The man says he has about 17,000 hours total time with type ratings in the B727, 737, 757/767, CE500, CE525 and LOA Folland Gnat. With previous experience flying everything from a Cub through a Zivco Edge to an L29, his logbook may already contain 60 different types, but thought his plan would be a fine “grand finale” to “cap off a great career.” Even if he doesn’t succeed, the quest has no doubt produced some memorable days, including one spent at the U.S. Flight Academy, where he went once around the patch in eight aircraft (one of which was a helicopter). Carter maintains a Web site where he posts pictures of his conquests.

Carter is getting help from an aviation insurance company and is seeking help in any way it comes. “In some cases I can rent, share expenses, or swap favors. Whatever we can work out.” Carter doesn’t truly expect to end his career when he turns 61, he just knows his active flying days may be ticking down and so long as he’s still going strong and “couldn’t think of a better way” to celebrate “than to do what I have enjoyed most during my life, and that is flying airplanes.”