One More U.S. Stop For Red Bull Racers


If you missed the Red Bull Air Races in Texas earlier this month, you have one more chance to catch them in the U.S.A. — next stop in the global series will be Las Vegas, Oct. 11 and 12. After that, the racers will wrap up this year’s season with the final race, in Austria. So far, veteran flyer Paul Bonhomme, of Great Britain, is in the lead for the series, followed by Austria’s Hannes Arch. Canada’s Pete McLeod is in sixth place, with Kirby Chambliss and Michael Goulian, from the USA, finishing up the field at 11 and 12. Those rankings are volatile, though, and can change at any time as the competition continues.

The upcoming race will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with grandstand seating starting at $39 and on up to $950 per day for Sky Lounge access. The races returned this year after a three-year hiatus, with new pylons and new rules. In previous years, the race teams were allowed to modify their aircraft, but now the engines and propellers have been standardized for all teams. Each racing plane is equipped with a Lycoming Thunderbolt AEIO-540-EXP engine and the Hartzell 3-bladed 7690 structural composite propeller. “Both the pilots and their teams have instead dedicated their efforts to perfecting airframe aerodynamics, as well as pilot skill and ability,” according to Red Bull.