Online Service Keeps Your Logbook Current


Don’t waste another minute making “tedious” logbook entries, says Now, it may be hard to justify calling a two-minute-or-so chore “tedious,” but plenty of pilots find their logbooks getting behind, or just give up altogether on keeping them up to date. will take care of that recordkeeping for you, but with a few caveats. First, it’s for IFR flights only, and you have to file the flight plan via the fboweb service, though later versions should make that unnecessary. Also, the system is not foolproof, but an easy double-checking system is built in. You can edit the information after each flight. “This new service is a perfect example of what was designed to do,” said Andrew Green, president of aviation data systems, in a news release on Tuesday. “By integrating all of the various services and features offered on the Web site, we alone have the ability to provide this unique and extremely useful tool.” The system monitors flight-tracking data and extracts the departure and destination airports, time of departure and arrival, weather conditions, and equipment type used for the flight, then calculates flight times and categories, including day/night flight and landings, instrument approaches, multi- and single-engine flight time, and more. For more details about the system, go to