…Opens New Ops Center At TEB…


Almost at the same time as it celebrated the 900’s 20th anniversary, Dassault opened a new Flight Operations Center at the Teterboro (N.J.) Airport. According to the company, the new facility will be home to a 23-person flight operations department and the Falcon demonstration fleet. It will also house three local field service representatives. The new facility is directly across from Dassault Falcon Jet’s headquarters. “Having the Flight Operations Center so close means that we can more easily show our customers and operators our products; meet with customer flight crews; and enhance the spec and design process in one visit,” said Matt Boyle, senior vice president and general counsel at Dassault Falcon. A new 32,200-square-foot complex provides much more space for Dassault’s existing staff — and plenty of room for expansion. The hangar can house as many as six Falcons and is a far cry from the company’s first facility in North America, which a press release labeled “half of a lean-to with 1,600 square feet of work space.” The new TEB facility is the third new opening this year for the company. Earlier, Dassault’s Little Rock Completion Center and Dassault Falcon Jet in Wilmington both opened new paint facilities.