Optimism At Singapore Air Show


One of Asia’s biggest aviation events, the Singapore Air Show, opened today and while there are not expected to be any monumental announcements, there is a theme of conservative optimism about the show and there is some money being made. Cessna opened the show with the statement that Asia has been a rock in the otherwise turbulent aviation market. “This region has been one of the strongest for Cessna during the most recent downturn. It has been least affected by the economic climate and financing issues facing the rest of the world,” said Cessna VP Roger Whyte. Cessna didn’t make any order announcements but did issue reminders of a deal for five Mustangs to the Singapore Flying College and 30 Grand Caravans to Susi Air in Indonesia. Embraer has its usual major presence at the show.

The Brazilian planemaker announced some service center announcements and also used Singapore to unveil its new agreement with Flight Safety International to provide training for all its Legacy family of business jets, as well as the Lineage 1000 and E family of airliners. Piper is continuing its aggressive promotion of the brand in Asia with its expanded appearance at Singapore. The company was acquired by the government of Brunei eight months ago and one of the major goals of the new company is to build an Asian market. It has already set up a flight school in Brunei and an Asian headquarters there. Piper is introducing the PiperSport light sport aircraft at the show.