Oshkosh 1999 Coverage:
Day One — Wednesday, July 28

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AVweb provides exclusive daily coverage of AirVenture '99!

AVweb's AirVenture '99 Coverage - Day 1

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Live Oshkosh ATC Audio!
From EAA AirVenture '99

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Latest EAA AirVenture '99 News & Highlights

AVweb's exclusive daily coverage of Day One of EAA's AirVenture '99, direct from Oshkosh, includes:

  • TCM Comes Out Swinging With A New Logo And Aggressive Engine Promotions.

  • Unison Jumps Into Spark Plug Market.

  • V/STOL For The Masses?

  • Cirrus Aircraft Takes A Second Step.

  • AviaBellanca Joins Forces With Spanish Company To Develop Skyrocket III.

  • S-Tec Introduces New GPS Roll-steering Autopilots.

  • Forums Area Gets Four New Pavilions, More Planned for 2000 and 2001.

  • Half A Million And Counting, Young Eagles Take Off.

  • Tuskegee Airmen Take It Easy On The Ground.

  • An Airplane On Mars?

  • World's Biggest 182 Lands Short Of OSH.

  • Lighter-Than-Air Is Just Not There.

ICOMAVweb's AirVenture '99 communications radios provided courtesy of ICOM America.

AirVenture '99 Articles and Features

Tonight our host, radio personality Tom Gresham, learns that friendly fire has damaged his tent because one of his friends forgot that Oshkosh etiquette calls for a pilot to pull the airplane out of its parking spot hand, then turn it 90 degrees before starting up. Join us as Tom and co-host, AVweb columnist Rick Durden, discuss some serious issues of engine power management and operations of high horsepower general aviation engines lean of peak EGT. Engine expert George Braly joins with pilots who have extensive experience operating engines lean-of-peak — including Walt Atkinson, Stan Musik and AVweb columnist John Deakin — to poke a few holes in old wives' tales of engine operation. Plus, much, much more.

The Maintenance Bay Of Broken Dreams
Meet Oshkosh's own airplane ER: EAA Chapter 75's Emergency Aircraft Repair shop. The make and model may be rare, even at a show the size and scope of AirVenture '99; the situation, however, is not. With more than 10,000 aircraft traversing Wittman Regional each year during the EAA convention, it's inevitable that a few will break. AVweb's Dave Higdon caught up with the staff — and the unfortunate clients, at OSH's ER.

AirVenture '99 Photo Gallery - Day One

Our Photo Gallery is the next best thing to being here yourself. Dozens of photos daily of what's happening at OSH.

Today's photos feature: life in the campsites, flight line one-of-a-kinds and warbirds straight up — all during Day One of EAA's AirVenture 1999.

Don't forget to visit again tomorrow for more AirVenture '99 coverage!