Oshkosh 1999 Coverage:
Day Four — Saturday, July 31

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AVweb provides exclusive daily coverage of AirVenture '99!

AVweb's AirVenture '99 Coverage - Day 4

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Latest EAA AirVenture '99 News & Highlights

AVweb's exclusive daily coverage of Day Four of EAA's AirVenture '99, direct from Oshkosh, includes:

  • Inhofe Is All Wet: Oklahoma Senator Braves OSH Camping.

  • Climbing The Stairway To Heaven: Bohannon Goes Vertical To Break Record.

  • How Swift Is My Fury: Roy LoPresti Presses On.

  • Microsoft Offers Two Versions Of Flight Sim 2000: Pro And Standard Editions Feature Real-Weather Depiction, More Planes.

  • Boeing Beauty Began Airliner Dynasty.

  • No, Not THAT Tri-Motor.

  • USAF Updates T-3 Firefly Program: USAF's Initial Trainer Still Troublesome.

  • Ten Die In Skydiving Crash.

  • Cirrus Makes Like A Cloud ... And Floats Higher.

  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' Vacuum System.

  • Embry-Riddle Team Wins GA Design Competition.

  • Spirit Of Flight Award Recipient Named.

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AirVenture '99 Articles and Features

OSHtalk, Day Four
Thunderstorms slashed through EAA's AirVenture ’99 grounds late Thursday night and Friday morning, tipping over the plastic restrooms and destroying tents. Unfortunately, one of the victims was OSHtalk host Tom Gresham. Co-host Rick Durden moderates the show tonight, and learns about the controversy that has developed in the wake of the in-flight breakup of a T-34 at an air combat school. George Braly, owner of a Bonanza and a T-34, has been following the developments in the investigation and the shocking state of affairs in which long time airshow pilot Julie Clark’s T-34 wing spars were cut through without her permission in the course of the investigation. George Braly and AVweb columnist John Deakin, who is also a Bonanza owner, give us the up-to-the minute report on the highly controversial situation. Then AVweb's aviation medicine advisor, Brent Blue M.D., joins OSHtalk again for the second half of the program. In light of the 102-degree heat of yesterday, Dr. Blue discusses the effects of dehydration, hypoxia and carbon monoxide on pilots, and also outlines how pilots can protect themselves against their potentially deadly effects.

Life Beyond The Flight Line: Camping Keeps AirVenturers Close To The Action
They come from near, they come from far, many come by air, even more by car, bus, camper, motorhome, motorcycle and any other form of conveyance that will get these diverse travelers to their common destination: Oshkosh. If you love the smell of avgas in the morning, if you covet the sound of airplane engines as your wake-up call or the sight of wings rocking in the morning breeze only feet from your accommodations, you might find this piece by AVweb's Dave Higdon about the camping at Oshkosh the perfect enhancement to your AirVenture experience.

The Light Twin Is Dead, Long Live The Light Twin
While numerous start-up companies are working on clean-sheet light twinjet designs based on the low-cost Williams engines, Aerostar Aircraft Corporation thinks it has a better idea: Mount a couple of Williams FJ-33-1s on its existing certificated Aerostar, formerly a light piston twin. The result, they say, will be a 400-knot, six-place speedster costing under $2 million that will start customer deliveries in early 2002. If you're interested, the company is taking deposits. By AVweb's Publisher Carl Marbach.

Happy 25th: International Tent Says 'Welcome' In Many Tongues
Most visitors to EAA AirVenture travel a relatively short distance to be here and have numerous things in common, like a language. But since AirVenture is the premier event of type in the world, a growing number of attendees hail from points from removed from North America. AVweb's Dave Higdon spent some time this week with a few of the more than 1,000 international visitors to EAA AirVenture '99. 

I Came Here To Build An Airplane
The 'E' in EAA stands for "experimental." Remembering this and despite all the "store-bought" airplanes and accessories on display at EAA AirVenture '99, one of the lesser-known but very popular offerings at the event is the opportunity for aspiring homebuilders to gain valuable "hands-on" experience in a series of workshops offered during the week. AVweb's Matt Paxton and Joe Godfrey talked with a few of this year's participants -- here's the story of some fledgling homebuilders.

Going To Extremes
If all this gazing at airplanes gives you the urge to travel, airplanes at EAA AirVenture can show you the way to the ends of the earth: A restored DC-3 carries well-heeled tourists to the South Pole, while French aviator Hubert de Chevigny plans to fly his "aerial SUV" to the North Pole the hard way: Navigating only by the sun. AVweb News Editor Mary Grady explores both up and down.

AirVenture '99 Photo Gallery - Day Four

Our Photo Gallery is the next best thing to being here yourself. Dozens of photos daily of what's happening at OSH.

Today's photos feature: A wagon train, a baby Bonanza and the waterfront campsites created by Friday night's downpour, plus more airshow action.

Don't forget to visit again tomorrow for more AirVenture '99 coverage!