Oshkosh 1999 Coverage:
Day Five — Sunday, August 1

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AVweb provides exclusive daily coverage of AirVenture '99!

AVweb's AirVenture '99 Coverage - Day 5

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Live Oshkosh ATC Audio!
From EAA AirVenture '99

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Latest EAA AirVenture '99 News & Highlights

AVweb's exclusive daily coverage of Day Five of EAA's AirVenture '99, direct from Oshkosh, includes:

  • Meet Miz Jane: FAA Administrator Makes Third Trip To OSH.

  • AVweb Goes One On One.

  • May The Force Be With You: Jim Franklin Goes Jet Age.

  • Diamond Aircraft, Utah Valley State College Announce Partnership.

  • NASA Predicts High Times For GA.

  • Seaplane Base Cool Respite From Hot Convention Grounds.

  • AVweb's Howard Fried Visits The FAA Pavilion.

  • Aerobatic Awards Recognize Grassroots Pilots.

  • Power To The People.

  • World's Oldest Homebuilder And Pilot.

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AirVenture '99 Articles & Features

OSHtalk, Day Five
Join us for the last 1999 session of OSHtalk as your host Rick Durden interviews Al Waddell of Groen Brothers Aviation, the company developing the Hawk 4 Gyroplane. This turbocharged 350-horsepower aircraft is in the middle of flight testing for type certification under Part 27 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Hear about the new gyroplane and its future on OSHtalk. Even though there are two days of AirVenture 99 left, the number of departures on Sunday evening give the impression that things are spooling down. The last segment of OSHtalk involves one of those good, late-evening hangar flying times where Oshkosh veteran Armand Vilches joins Rick Durden to look back at what Armand calls "the good, the bad and the ugly" of AirVenture 99. Fortunately, most of it is good. Rick also discusses his impressions of Administrator Jane Garvey after meeting her for the first time and seeing her in action at today's "Meet The Boss" session. OSHtalk will be back next year, we hope you are.

Icarus Instruments and Iridium Satellite Announce Sat Phone For Aircraft
With the advent and widespread use of inexpensive cellular phone technology, many pilots and aircraft owners are looking for similar technology and capability while airborne. Some new technologies are emerging that while not approaching the low cost of cellular can be cost-effective nonetheless. One of them uses the Iridium satellite-based system and your existing audio panel, plus an installed exterior antenna. AVweb Publisher Carl Marbach took a close look at the system this week during EAA AirVenture.

Teaching Birds To Fly
What goes around comes around. We learned flight from the birds, and now several endangered species of birds need to learn from pilots how to migrate south if they are to survive. Operation Migration's Bill Lishman explained how he's teaching them to a crowd filled with fellow ultralight pilots at EAA's Theatre in the Woods Saturday night. AVweb's Joe Godfrey was there, and reports on the folks behind the movie "Fly Away Home."

At KidVenture '99, You Can't Pry Them Away
Why didn't they do this before? That is the overwhelming response of parents when they see the KidVenture tent in back of the EAA's Museum, at AirVenture '99. AVweb's Rick Durden takes us on a tour of the kids' favorite place.

FAA and Industry Bring Datalink Services To The Cockpit
The FAA this week named NavRadio Corporation and ARNAV Systems as providers for its Flight Informaton Serives (FIS), which promises to bring displays of text and graphical weather, airspace info and NOTAMS directly to the cockpit. AVweb Publisher Carl Marbach has the details.

Plane Tired? Alternatives To "Just Plane Fun" Do Exist At Oshkosh ...
While the pilot of the family is in a playground, there are non-airplane things to do for the spouse and the little flyers, once you know where to look and what to expect. AVweb's Dave Higdon takes us on a tour.

AirVenture '99 Photo Gallery - Day Five

Our Photo Gallery is the next best thing to being here yourself. Dozens of photos daily of what's happening at OSH.

Today's photos feature: A pair of broken wings, a sneak peak into some cockpits and stalking the elusive seaplane.

Don't forget to visit again tomorrow for more AirVenture '99 coverage!