OurPLANE Expands Amidst A Slow Market


Adds Two Aircraft to Fleet …

OurPLANE Inc., a four-year-old company targeting the owner-flown fractional aircraft ownership market, has added two new aircraft to its fleet in North America. A new Cirrus SR22 has been positioned at John Wayne Airport (KSNA) in Orange County, Calif., while a new Cessna 182T is scheduled for arrival at Toronto’s Brampton Airport June 16. The Cirrus is the fifth aircraft at OurPLANE’s California base, while the Cessna 182 is the fifth in the Toronto area. The company currently manages 14 aircraft for over 100 share-owners in nine cities. Each aircraft is divided into eight shares of ascending value and owner rights. Bronze shares earn a maximum of 25 flight hours per year; Silver, 50 hours; Gold, 100 hours; and Platinum, unlimited flight. OurPLANE assures close to 95 percent availability on demand for each aircraft. The company has plans to grow its fleet to more than 100 new aircraft over the next two years.

… Opens Base in Houston

At the same time, company President and CEO Graham Casson announced the expansion of the OurPLANE network with a September opening of an operating base at Hooks Airport in Houston, Texas. The new facility will initially offer shares in Cirrus aircraft. Unlike the fractional jet ownership companies, whose aircraft roam the country to meet their owners and take them to their destination, the company’s aircraft are specific-city-based, and return there once a trip is completed. OurPLANE officials claim that once a critical mass of aircraft is reached in a location, the availability of aircraft to share-owners climbs to nearly 100 percent.OurPLANE says it focuses on the largest pilot populations for initial growth in its business. Texas is home to more than 75,000 pilots, second only to California at 104,000. Thus the rationale to add Houston to its growing list of operations facilities and aircraft already located in Toronto, New York, Oxford (Conn.), Calgary, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.