Paris Jet Revival In The Works


The type certificate for the MS760 Paris Jet, a four-seat twin-engine light jet originally certified in France, has been bought by new owners who will license it to MS760 Corp., based in Florida. The company plans to provide engineering, sales and other related services for the MS760 platform. MS760 Corp. has already acquired the manufacturer’s drawings and tooling, spare parts and a fleet of over 30 MS760 aircraft. They plan to offer avionics upgrades, as well as a turbofan engine option. Additionally, a new two-ship airshow team, led by Capt. Dale “Snort” Snodgrass, USN (Ret), will showcase the aerobatic and precision flight capabilities of the MS760, which is certified in the U.S. in the “Utility” category. The Paris Jet was designed, manufactured and originally certified in France by aviation pioneer Morane-Saulnier (now Socata). The jet cruises at about 350 knots and has a range of 1,000 miles.

The MS760 was awarded FAA certification in 1958 and was introduced in North America by Beech Aircraft Corp. A standard equipped MS760, with flight training and other special 2009 incentives included, will sell for about $550,000, the company said. JetSet Aviation Holdings SAS, a subsidiary of JetSet International Ltd., will be the new owner of the type certificate. JetSet International is a Bermuda-based company founded by Edward Furtak, a Canadian private pilot and entrepreneur who recently purchased an MS760. Furtak transitioned from a Mooney TLS Bravo into the MS760 and has now accumulated approximately 200 hours in type.