Patriot Debuts At Sport Aviation Expo


For those who want an all-aluminum LSA powered by a Continental engine that’s built in the U.S., the Patriot from Aircraft Manufacturing and Development could be what they’re looking for. “I think the timing is right for this aircraft,” said Sales Manager John Degonia. The Patriot was designed in Colombia but has been adopted by AMD, which makes Zodiac and Alarus low-wing aircraft in the plant in Eastman, Ga. “It’s basically a two-seat Cessna 172,” said Degonia.

The Patriot is priced around $90,000 and will cruise at 124 mph, carrying a useful load of 525 lbs. It’s built almost to aerobatic standards with load limits of +6 and -3 Gs. Hydraulic brakes, electric flaps and other “real airplane” features will be familiar to pilots transitioning from certified aircraft.

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