Pelton Calls For Global Cooperation


The challenges facing business aviation are global in nature and require global solutions, Cessna CEO Jack Pelton told an Australian audience last week. In the keynote address to the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) convention (PDF), Pelton said there are various common threads to the problems facing business aviation everywhere and called for unity among the regions to address them. “We have our work cut out for us – here in Australia, in the United States and around the globe,” said Pelton. “Every region of the world has its own issues to deal with and each issue is complex, requiring dedicated and reasoned discussion among the principals.”

He told the group that security and safety, airspace management modernization and the environment are the main issues facing the industry everywhere. He said the issues will certainly bring new regulations and the industry needs to work together to ensure governments craft laws that not only address the matters at hand but also consider the operational requirements of general aviation. “And we must make sure these issues are considered on a global scale; it’s imperative we create multilateral policies to create a cohesive global industry,” he said. Pelton also touched on a favorite topic of his and that’s the public image of business aviation, particularly in the U.S. “The main reason for the inaccurate portrayal of business aircraft use is a lack of understanding of the benefits and scope of business aviation,” Pelton said. “The truth is that there’s an increased importance on business jets. Companies of all sizes, all around the world, fly many types of aircraft as they compete in a global marketplace that demands speed, flexibility, efficiency, security, confidentiality and productivity.”