Pelton, Fuller Take A Look At GAMI’s G100UL


Cessna CEO Jack Pelton and AOPA President Craig Fuller flew into Ada, Okla., on Wednesday to get a look at a new 100LL replacement proposed by General Aviation Modifications Inc. As we’ve reported previously, GAMI’s G100UL appears to perform similarly to 100LL and the company claims it’s producible using conventional refining methods. GAMI invited Pelton and Fuller to Ada to view a detonation test cell run comparing G100UL to other fuels. In an evening e-mail to other GA leaders and the press, Pelton said, “We participated in a thorough brief along with a test cell demonstration running three types of fuels, 100LL, min spec 100LL and G100UL. At the conditions we observed, it was very interesting to see the data on the engine characteristics for the three fuels. I would characterize the conditions as worst-case sea-level tests. In general terms, G100UL out-performed min spec 100LL and seemed to be about the same as straight-from-the-FBO 100LL.” Pelton said in his view, G100UL “looks to be a fuel that can be refined and distributed within the existing infrastructure we have here in the states. I would guess it could be produced in many other international locations also.”

Pelton added, “I know the devil is in the details. But this project is very interesting and very exciting. George [Braly] heard what the EPA said about 100LL and is trying to do something about it for our industry.” Pelton said he encouraged other GA leaders including GAMA’s Pete Bunce to take a closer look at G100UL. The fuel is currently undergoing test in a Cirrus SR22 and GAMI has asked the FAA for an STC to move forward with wider fleet testing. It has also applied to ASTM for a formal fuel specifications approval.