Perspective Picked For Vision Jet

Click for Cirrus Perspective video from EBACE 2008

As expected, Cirrus has announced that the Perspective avionics suite developed by Garmin will be standard panel in the SF50 Vision (we’re not sure when it changed from SJ50) jet. Cirrus launched the proof-of-concept Vision with L-3’s Smart Deck system but there were reports late last year that the two had parted ways. Since it’s introduction a year ago as a top-of-the-line option, Perspective has been praised by the Cirrus community and it has spread to other models, so from a conformity standpoint it makes sense the jet would be equipped with it, too. “This is great news for present and future Vision jet and SR22 Perspective owners because the SR22 and Turbo with Perspective and known ice protection is the natural training and transition aircraft in preparation for flying the Vision,” said Cirrus CEO Brent Wouters. A Perspective panel will be installed in the proof-of-concept, which is still undergoing tests.

Wouters said V1, as it’s known, flies about five times a week and now has 140 hours. He said test pilots have completed power-on and power-off stalls, established the full CG range, assessed the icing system (this is Duluth, after all) evaluated wing root vortex generators. The company is moving out of the huge former Northwest maintenance hangar and taking the jet program back to the main plant across the field.