Phenom 100 ‘Most-Delivered’ Bizjet


Embraer says its Phenom 100 was the most-delivered business jet of 2010 with 100 aircraft placed in customers’ hands. The plane was first certified in late 2008 and it wasn’t until early 2009 that a customer aircraft was displayed at Sun ‘n Fun. The Phenom 100 had its roots in the VLJ movement of a few years ago but Embraer has taken pains to distance itself from that market and now simply calls the aircraft a business jet. “Its clean-sheet design, superior cabin comfort, amazing performance, low operating cost, as well as the jet’s great looks, have thrilled our customers,” said Lus Carlos Affonso, Embraer’s Executive Vice President, Executive Jets.

The Phenom 100’s competition is the Citation Mustang. The General Aviation Manufacturers’ Association hasn’t released its final tally of shipments for 2010 but by the end of the third quarter (PDF), the Phenom was ahead of the Mustang by a margin of 67-48, perhaps reflecting the pent-up demand for the Phenom, since the Mustang has been on the market for about five years. Nevertheless, Embraer has been a company to watch in all sectors of the business jet market. Its Legacy 650 has been certified in Brazil and Europe and the GAMA numbers show 11 of the newly-certified Phenom 300s were delivered by the end of September.