Pilot Abandons Crashed Plane


Normally it’s a good thing when a pilot walks away from a crash but a Missouri man may have pushed that sentiment a little. Rather than trying to find the wrecked aircraft, Kansas authorities found themselves looking for its pilot last week. According to the Kansas City Star, Randal S. Shannon’s shattered Maule was in plain sight in a farmer’s field. What was missing was whoever was on board the aircraft. After he finally identified himself, Shannon, of Drexel, Missouri, apologized. He had a meeting to make in nearby Roxbury.

Shannon reportedly told authorities that he was trying to land on a road when a gust of wind blew him into the pasture and the aircraft was damaged. He dusted himself off, got to his meeting and found another way home. He did call in six hours later but police wonder what took so long. “The lady (who spotted the plane) was freaking out,” Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Craig Davis told the Star on Friday. “And I told him that (leaving the scene) wasn’t fair to all these other people who have to run lights and sirens down there — and you’re not even there.”