Pilot Accused Of Flying Drunk


Pakistani authorities have charged a Shaheen Airlines captain with flying while under the influence of alcohol following a landing accident on Nov. 3. Capt. Asmat Mehmood is accused of having a blood alcohol content of .083 percent when he landed a Boeing 737 hard, blew the tires and ended up on the grass with some of the gear collapsed at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. He is also alleged to have had liquor with him in the cockpit and to have ignored air traffic control directions during the descent and landing.

According to the Express Tribune, Shaheen Flight NL-154 was carrying 121 passengers and crew when the mishap occurred. Occupants evacuated using the slides and at least 10 people were hurt either in the landing or during the evacuation. Mehmood has been charged under Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Act and will appear at a hearing in Anti-Terrorism Court Dec. 30. He’s also facing charges under the country’s aviation regulations.