Pilot Catch-22 In India


Indian airlines are apparently eating their young as flight instructors desperately needed to train the thousands of pilots they need are, instead, being offered jobs as pilots. According to Daily News and Analysis, 18 of 35 flight schools in India are out of business because they have no instructors and foreign CFIs that are attracted to India are soon snapped up by the airlines. But personnel shortages are not the only issue. Its not only the shortage of CFIs but also the shortage of aircraft, coupled with the large number of students that makes it impossible for them to function, an unnamed source told the news service. The biggest problem is pay. Instructors are paid less than half the rate of a new airline pilot. Would-be pilots are leaving India in droves to take training in other countries. Its estimated that India will need 10,500 pilots within three years. Only 150 new pilots were graduated in India last year.