Pilot On Crash Plane “Very Experienced”


The chairman of One-Two-Go Airline, Kajit Hapananont, told reporters on Monday the pilot of the MD-82 that crashed at Phuket on Sunday was one of his airlines best. Wind shear has been speculated as the cause of the accident, which killed 89 people, including the captain, 56-year-old Arief Mulyadi. Forty-one people survived. The aircraft went off a runway and caught fire. The pilot who flew the doomed aircraft was one of our best. He was very experienced, patient and very decisive, Hapananont said. He was apparently countering media reports that referred to a pilot shortage in Asia in the midst of rapid expansion of air travel. Hapanonont said suggestions of pilot error are premature since the flight data and cockpit voice recorders have not been examined. Other reports said Mulyadi was warned about wind shear by the crews of two previous aircraft, as he set up to land in the middle of a monsoon storm.