The Pilot's Lounge #46:
In Defense of Precision

There's nothing quite like a sunset flight in a Cub with nowhere to go. You just let the plane have its head and journey where it may. But that doesn't mean we can fly that way day-in, day-out. There is a time and place for precision flying for example, on approach to a 1,700 foot, tree-guarded, peninsula runway in Belize. That's where the Pilot's Lounge convened this month, and AVweb's Rick Durden was there. More

The Pilot's Lounge #45:
Road Rage on Unicom

There are those who sound off on the CTAF like New York cab drivers lay on their horns. Is it ever appropriate to use the air waves to communicate opinions about another pilot's actions? That was the topic of the day in The Pilot's Lounge. AVweb's Rick Durden was there and reports on their discussion. More

The Pilot's Lounge #44:
The User-Friendly Airport

What makes a good airport the kind that satisfies pilots, lures locals, attracts out-of-town visitors, provides essential community services and promotes the economy? Well, that's what the good folks in the pilot's lounge have been hashing out. AVweb's Rick Durden was there and reports on their discussion in the latest issue of "The Pilot's Lounge." More

The Pilot's Lounge #43:
Those Damned Little Airplanes

Every time a pilot buzzes the beach or tops the trees in a subdivision with the prop control jammed forward, General Aviation gains a new opponent, or perhaps a more strident one. According to the good folks in the pilot's lounge, we are confronting enough problems without adding to them ourselves. AVweb's Rick Durden was there and reports on their discussion in the latest issue of "The Pilot's Lounge." More

The Pilot's Lounge #42:
Of Martinis, Ice, and Tailplane Stalls

Just when you thought you'd figured out the recipe for stalls, the good folks in the pilot's lounge have shaken (not stirred) all the ingredients. AVweb's Rick Durden was there and reports that you should recover in tried-and-true fashion if the wing stalls. If the tailplane stalls, however, the required control inputs will be just the opposite and the control forces may require more strength than you possess. If you're not sure that you could differentiate between these equally likely and potentially fatal events, you won't want to miss Rick's analysis in the latest issue of "The Pilot's Lounge." More

The Pilot's Lounge #41:
The Blue Yonder Foundation — Getting Sharp Kids into the Sky

Amid all the gloom and doom about general aviation's future comes the Blue Yonder Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that administers the Dreams of Flight Scholarship Fund. AVweb's Rick Durden met with and talked to a few of the program's participants. He came away with a new optimism for aviation's future. You will, too. More

The Pilot's Lounge #40:
Of Pilots, Drivers, and the WTC

Even though one might be trained to fly an aircraft, it doesn't mean one is a "pilot." Indeed, one who simply performs the basic skills necessary to command an aircraft is more of a driver than a pilot. As AVweb's Rick Durden explains, it requires more than the mere ability to fly to become a pilot. More

The Pilot's Lounge #39:
VFR Flight Training in Marginal Weather

During their primary training, pilots are often taught what marginal VFR weather looks like and why it's a hazard. Unfortunately, the lesson they often receive from that training is how to handle MVFR, not that they should avoid it. AVweb's Rick Durden takes a look at current research in this area and comes up with some tips for CFIs and students alike. More

The Pilot's Lounge #38:
Yes, Pogo, the Enemy Is Us

Go-arounds. Too-wide patterns. Opposite-direction traffic. Stall-spin fatalities. Sound like an emergency procedure discussion? It's not it's what happened with frightening regularity this year at Oshkosh. With EAA AirVenture 2001 now but a recent memory, it's time to take a close look at how poorly prepared were some of the pilots flying into the busiest airport in the world. Sadly, this year's event brought out the worst in many of them. As AVweb's Rick Durden writes, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to flying to Oshkosh and if we don't shape up, this privilege could be taken away. More

The Pilot's Lounge #37:
"Who, Me? Fly Upside Down?"

"Akro." The very thought of flying an airplane in any attitude other than straight and level can strike terror into the heart of even the most fearless pilot. Other pilots can't conceive of completing a flight without getting upside-down at least once. AVweb's Rick Durden takes a look at doing aerobatics in today's environment, including a look at the airplanes, the training, the rules and safety. More