The Pilot's Lounge #95: Amazing! There Are TFRs That Make Sense »

Turns out there is a procedure in place to allow general aviation aircraft to provide relief in disaster areas, and the folks who created and manage the procedure know what they are doing. AVweb's Rick Durden is already helping plan for the next disasters with this month's column from The Pilot's Lounge. More

The Pilot's Lounge #94: It's The Medium, Manfred »

There's a new aviation myth running around the Internet. It involves a conveyor-belt runway and misuse of aerodynamics and ... well, it's better if AVweb's Rick Durden explains it all himself in The Pilot's Lounge. More

The Pilot's Lounge #93: Pilgrimages »

Sometimes we need to refresh our interest in aviation. Sometimes we need reminders of why we love to fly. Sometimes, as AVweb's Rick Durden discovers, we can find ways -- maybe in flight, maybe not -- to recharge our flying soul. More

The Pilot's Lounge #92: Hey, FEMA! GA Is An Asset ... Use Us »

So many pilots want to help in the hurricane relief -- but the national agency charged with coordinating relief doesn't seem to realize the power of volunteer pilots. AVweb's Rick Durden has some tough words for political appointees and some suggestions for frontline organizers. More

The Pilot's Lounge #91: To Fly; Perchance To Starve »

In the minds of many of the "great unwashed," general aviation is the realm of the very rich. After looking into the cost of getting a Private Pilot certificate, some potential student pilots might tend to agree. AVweb's Rick Durden tries to bring those costs down in this month's column. More

The Pilot's Lounge #89: How We Scare Our Passengers Without Realizing It »

Sometimes it's obvious why our friends and relations enjoy -- or don't enjoy -- flying with us. But sometimes the reason they quit going is more subtle, and we may need to remember those things we felt back when we first learned how to fly. AVweb's Rick Durden reminds us to put ourselves in our passengers seats. More

The Pilot's Lounge #88: The Air Care Alliance -- Helping Those Who Fly to Help Others »

Whether they go on flights for documenting environmental degradation or for transporting kids for medical treatment, hundreds of pilots in dozens of organizations work tirelessly to provide special aviation duties. AVweb's Rick Durden tells about the central source of information on all public-benefit flying in this month's The Pilot's Lounge column. More

The Pilot's Lounge #87: Etiquette Isn't Just Raising Our Pinkies »

Just because you can take a 3g turn and handle turbulence with hardly a butterfly doesn't mean you should make your passengers deal with all that. And we all know not to fly low over noise-sensitive areas. AVweb's Rick Durden points out a few more items to make flying more enjoyable for you, your passengers, and those anti-airport folks on the ground. More