The Pilot's Lounge #86: Oh %$#@! -- I Think I Just Busted A Reg »

Oops, now you've done it. You didn't mean to but you got distracted and then ... So now what? AVweb's Rick Durden, a practicing aviation attorney, has lots of suggestions for how to work with the FAA and, hopefully, make it much less of an issue. More

The Pilot's Lounge #84: Arrogance, Etiquette And Big Fat Traffic Patterns »

"Are you going to land here or keep going on downwind into the next county?" It's painful to be in the pattern behind a pilot who thinks a stabilized final approach in a Cessna means a two-mile final. But just what are the rules and safe practices regarding the size of a traffic pattern? AVweb's Rick Durden looks into it this month in The Pilot's Lounge. More

The Pilot's Lounge #83: Which Emergencies Should We Practice? »

The general-aviation accident record shows that we've been crashing (and sometimes dying) for the same reasons for many years now. But our training and checkrides don't seem to reflect those issues. AVweb's Rick Durden suggests ways to make sure we practice the most common emergencies, in this month's Pilot's Lounge column. More

The Pilot's Lounge: Emergency/What-If Scenarios »

It is valuable to think through all the possible emergencies in an airplane and then plan your response to them, all while sitting safely on the ground. An experienced surgery instructor -- and new pilot -- did just that, and provided his list for AVweb readers. More

The Pilot's Lounge #82: Integrity, Responsibility And The Lack Thereof »

In a time of increasing challenges to general aviation, it is more vital than ever that pilots and lovers of flight stick together when threatened with yet one more airport closure or restriction. AVweb's Rick Durden recently dealt with pilots who didn't even support saving the very airport where they live. More

The Pilot's Lounge #81: Emergencies -- What You Don't Practice Can Kill »

Seems like all we do in our training (and flight reviews) is practice for emergencies. Then why do pilots keep screwing up when a real emergency pops up? AVweb's Rick Durden wonders if we're really practicing the right kind of emergencies -- and whether we need to try some more realistic simulations -- this month in The Pilot's Lounge. More

The Pilot's Lounge #80: The ILS -- That Last 400 Feet »

How fast should you fly an ILS? When should you switch from the "stabilized" approach and configure for landing? Instrument pilots may think they learned the answers back in IFR training, but AVweb's Rick Durden thinks you probably should change your procedures before you fly that ILS right into the dirt. More

The Pilot's Lounge #78: In Praise Of Flight Breakfasts »

A day of perfect weather, perfect company, and perfect flying. AVweb's Rick Durden celebrates such a day he recently enjoyed, reminding us why we spend such efforts on this passion called aviation. More